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Munster, Bromwich surprise teammates

When Cameron Munster walked into Storm HQ asking for training gear the football staff thought he was joking.

They soon realised the 23-year-old was dead serious – he wanted to train. So too did Kenny Bromwich, despite both of them currently being on annual leave.

The pair are not due back to pre-season for at least another four weeks due to their World Cup commitments.

However they unexpectedly turned up to the Club this week and asked if they could join in on training.

Munster and Bromwich put in work out on Gosch’s Paddock, giving their teammates an added boost. They also commented on how impressed they were with how well the new players were tracking.

Munster completed the one off session while Bromwich has done a few sessions.

Both Premiership players will return to full training in early January and are still officially on leave.