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It’s not that hard to be kind to each other. Billy Slater proved that on Sunday morning.

Whilst going for a run through Sydney’s CBD, Slater could not help but notice the number of homeless people sleeping on the streets.

Uncomfortable with just running past them, finishing his workout and getting on with his day, the Storm fullback decided to make a difference – he bought them breakfast.

Slater sat and spoke with them, hearing their stories, their experiences and brought to light the fact they are no different to any other Australians.

He summed up his experience rather profoundly on social media. 

"They were people just like you and me, with their own stories," Slater said.

"Yes, delivering some breakfast was apprecated but it was the time I took to have a chat that they seemed most grateful for. Thanks Ben and Lizzie for sharing your stories with me.

"Giving is a powerful thing and I hope this little post inspires others to do something for someone."

Well done Billy.

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