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A look at what the boys got up to over the Christmas break!



Boxing Day Test \ud83c\udfcf\ud83c\udde6\ud83c\uddfa\ud83c\udf7a #family #boxingday #test

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Cooking a feast and doing a bit of training at the same time tonight. Who said you need a gym. #Roast

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1.1.2017 \ud83d\udc4c\ud83c\udffb

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Good to catch up with me boys. Nothings changed \ud83e\udd18\ud83c\udffd

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Merry Christmas family & friends near and far from me and my blue eyed Nephew Jaiden ❤️

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#froback and Happy 6th Birthday to my lil neph Tarnzi @ness_kaufusi #twinning \ud83c\udf82\ud83c\udf81\ud83c\udf89

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Happy new year \ud83d\udc6a

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Brought in the New Year Chinese style \ud83c\udf86

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