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After a gruelling season in 2016 the boys have been enjoying some much deserved time off.

Here's what they've been up to in the off-season!


Some family time and a new haircut for Cheyse in Bali


Nice little family dinner \ud83d\udc99

A photo posted by Cheyse Blair (@blairy4) on


A few boys took off to Europe


Vespa tour of Tuscany. One of my favourite tours Europe! #Wildhogs #Italy @3010george @finstagraam_m @maddelynkennedy

A photo posted by dale finucane (@dalefinucane) on


Europe you've been a blast, time to get home to some sunshine ✈️☀️

A photo posted by Christian Welch (@christianlwelch) on


Felise chose an island getaway instead


Enjoyed our night at Germaine's Luau \ud83c\udf05\ud83c\udf34\ud83c\udf74 @bekfus

A photo posted by Felise Kaufusi (@fkaufusi) on


Father time is calling for Tim!


Great time at Ben and Cherie's wedding yesterday! Congrats guys! #meettheglasbys

A photo posted by Tim Glasby (@timglasby89) on


There was time for the Spring Carnival of course


It's fair to say, we had a good time yesterday. #MelbourneCup #Myer #Crew

A photo posted by Billy Slater (@b1slater) on


Yea they're alright \ud83d\udc0e\ud83d\udc0e\ud83d\udc0e

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Curtis found himself all at sea...


Carving them up at the back of the boat \ud83c\udfa3\ud83c\udfa3

A photo posted by Curtis Scott (@curtis_scott22) on


While there's been no break for the boys at the Four Nations but they seem to be enjoying themselves!