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Our People

Our staff, players and coaches are our most valuable assets that drive a connection with the Victorian community.

Our club is built on the values of family, accountability, hard work, respect and passion. It is these values that drive Storm to be the best is can every year, on and off the field. 

Supporting Natural Disaster Relief Efforts

Storm will always be there for Victorians in a time of need. Whether it is helping to raise funds for local footy clubs or repairing fences in bushfire affected areas of the state, our club will always find a way to lend a hand. 

Helping those less fortunate

Each year, our players and coaches give up some of their Christmas break to help deliver some joy to those who need it most with the Salvation Army.
Our players have helped to serve meals to around 250 guests at the Salvation Army Christmas lunch last year.

Responding to COVID-19

2020 hasn’t been easy for anyone dealing with the impacts of COVID-19, particularly those in Victoria who have been hit hardest in Australia.
While our team has been able to relocate to the Sunshine Coast and continue playing, we know where our home is – Victoria. We know our members and fans have been missing us at home. That’s why the players wanted to wear the Big V on their jerseys as a constant reminder to them, and the rest of the country, that Victoria is our home.