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QRL coronavirus updates: Presentation days

Queensland Rugby League will provide ongoing updates below regarding the coronavirus pandemic.

Update to capacity limits at presentation days

Tuesday, October 6 at 3.30pm

The current field sports industry plan for community rugby league is not impacted by the recent October 1 Queensland Government announcement relating to the further easing of restrictions to Stage 4.

It should be noted all remaining community rugby league fixture games and all final series are to continue to operate under the current provisions as per the field sports industry plan.

However for clubs intending to host events such as trophy / breakup days the following conditions apply:

Indoor events

  • Fewer than 500 people – can proceed by following a COVID Safe Event Checklist, no further approval needed
  • Between 500 and 10,000 people - develop a COVID Safe Event Plan and submit here for approval by the local Public Health Unit
  • Over 10,000 people - develop a COVID Safe Event Plan and submit here for approval by the Queensland Chief Health Officer

Outdoor events

  • Fewer than 1000 people - can proceed by following a COVID Safe Event Checklist, no further approval needed
  • Between 1000 and 10,000 people - develop a COVID Safe Event Plan and submit here for approval by the local Public Health Unit
  • Over 10,000 people - develop a COVID Safe Event Plan and submit here for approval by the Queensland Chief Health Officer

Trophy presentations

Tuesday, September 15 at 9.35am

QRL has fielded several inquiries from clubs regarding the COVID-19 restrictions in relation to club breakup or trophy days. If your club is planning to host a club breakup it is important the current industry plans protocol of social distancing, hygiene and visitor check-ins are maintained.

To assist clubs with making this day as COVIDSafe as possible, consider completing a COVIDSafe Event Checklist while staggering presentations to limit attendance to 500 people at one time.

Finally, it is important to again acknowledge and congratulate our volunteers and staff on the great job they have undertaken getting rugby league back on the field this year and we look forward to welcoming clubs back in 2021.

Self-isolation notice

Thursday, July 30 at 11.30am

Following the latest health advice and the QRL Stop Play Plan, any of our participants, members or supporters who have been present at the locations listed by the Queensland Government must self-isolate, get tested and contact your club to advise that you have isolated.

As per the QRL Stop Plan, if a participant has been to one of these locations during the times indicated, the club should follow the health advice. The club is advised to contact their local QRL employee, who will assist the local league in assessing the continuation of upcoming matches based on the number of participants that may be in self-isolation.  

If you have not visited any of the locations you do not need to self-isolate. However, if you have symptoms COVID-19, even if they are mild, you must get tested.

It is important to know the QRL is committed to the safety of all of our participants and appreciate your cooperation while we are working through this public health alert.

QRL invests in check-in app

Wednesday, July 8 at 2pm

With the return to play just under two weeks away, Queensland Rugby League has invested in a contactless app to ensure all clubs remain compliant with Queensland Government guidelines.

EVA Check-in enables clubs to securely record and monitor the entry and exit points of each venue to ensure physical distancing protocols are maintained.

The app allows players, volunteers and spectators to scan a QR code upon entry to record their details and confirm they do not have any cold or flu-like symptoms as per requirements in QRL’s Return to Play Handbook.

All attendees are encouraged to download EVA Check-in from the App Store or GooglePlay prior to arriving at their nominated venue.

To support this process, QRL has created a number of resources for clubs to access which can be found here.

Should any club administrators not have access to the EVA Check-in app, contact your local QRL staff member in the first instance.

QRL clubs buoyed by Government announcement 

Wednesday, July 1 at 4.15pm

Community rugby league clubs across Queensland are now gearing up for the return of full-contact training and competition matches following yesterday’s Queensland Government announcement.

From midday Friday, July 3, clubs can engage in contact training as well as competition matches in a major boost for junior and senior participants throughout the state.

With Stage 3 brought forward as part of the easing of COVID-19 restrictions, the QRL has today distributed an updated Handbook and MEMO to leagues and clubs.

Importantly, this communication provides the most up-to-date information on crowds and venue management.

While restrictions relating to the total number of people who can attend a venue has eased, there is still a requirement for physical distancing (one person per 4m2) off field.

QRL managing director Robert Moore applauded the Queensland Government for leading the recovery process that led to yesterday’s announcement. 

“In many cases, the announcement makes a return to play more practical and manageable for community rugby league volunteers,” Moore said.

“The unprecedented nature of the public health crisis has certainly presented unique challenges, but we’ve been fortunate to be part of the QSport Field Team Sports Group that has greatly assisted our return to play bid through the submission of a sport and recreation industry COVID-Safe Plan.”

Moore also acknowledged the work of QRL regions and operational staff, as well the many “patient” rugby league participants and volunteers who had embraced the new protocols.

“We recognise the impact that our game has on many communities and the prospect of an imminent return will be met with excitement across the state,” Moore said.

As announced last week, the QRL is working collaboratively with all leagues and clubs to provide financial support.

Player insurance update

Monday, June 29 at 2.30pm

The following advice is provided to support the administration of the Return to Play insurance program announced on June 23.

Through arrangement with Gallagher and the insurer, the QRL have agreed to pay an up-front premium for all teams under 6 through to under 18 participating in QRL sanctioned competitions in 2020.  This level of cover is restricted to the period between June 1 and October 30 and covers all approved training activity and up to 12 games. 

The cover is specifically issued to support claims made through the clubs policy during the 2020 season only.  It does not allow for clubs to obtain refunds of previously committed policies or result in the cessation of payment plans, as this will be extended as part of clubs coverage in 2021.  As per previous advice, the amount that can be ‘rolled over’ to 2021 is to be determined by the insurer at seasons' end.   

It is a condition of receiving this benefit that all clubs are up-to-date with submission of the required information relating to club finance and risk assessment as prescribed by their relevant region.  

To ensure the premiums covered by the QRL can be calculated accurately, all clubs are required to confirm the total number of under 6 to under 18 teams that will be participating in 2020 through their relevant local league.  This information is required by August 1.     

In exceptional circumstances, where clubs can provide evidence of significant cash flow concern, the process outlined below should be followed, with the support of the QRL manager in their area.   

  • Do you have immediate concern over 2020 Cash Flow? (Yes/No) 
  • If no, there is no further action you are required to take 
  • If yes, have you completed and submitted the QRL short term financial audit to your relevant QRL manager? (Yes/No) 
  • If no, please submit this immediately
  • If yes, please provide your relevant QRL manager with your most recent financial report (e.g. as at end of May). 

The QRL will then work with your club on making alternate arrangements to ensure your club can participate in 2020 safely and with a degree of financial sustainability for 2021. 

Your questions answered

Tuesday, June 23 at 4.45pm

The QRL has today launched a dedicated page with answers to the most frequently asked questions as local clubs and leagues edge closer to returning to the field in late-July.

Questions regarding the specifics of returning to play, insurance and should your local season be cancelled can be found in QRL’s devoted Return to Play hub.

As more and more questions are commonly asked, we will continue to update the page with the most up-to-date answers we have.

Pending clearances

Monday, June 22 at 10.30am

The QRL would like to thank all clubs currently working through the process of Return to Play and acknowledge the difficult decision some clubs/leagues have made in deciding not to return to play in 2020.  

To support all clubs and participants, it is essential all clearances/registrations are approved in the My Sideline database prior to competitions resuming.   

The following advice is provided to all clubs to support a safe return to competition, while maintaining an equitable distribution of players across clubs for the 2021 season: 

  • All clearances requests entered prior to June 1 will require actioning at the appropriate level prior to June 28
  • All clearance requests not actioned prior to this date will be auto-approved by the relevant QRL or league administrators
  • All clearance requests entered post June 1 for clubs and teams not participating in 2020 will only be approved as a ‘portability’ clearance that will expire on October 20. Requests made will be actioned within a time frame agreed by the local league
  • All players accepted to participate on a portability clearance will be covered under the insurance policy of the secondary club
  • All new registration requests should be processed prior to the participant engaging in training or competition, noting the QRL will not be enforcing a June 30 deadline for new registrations in 2020 

Any exemptions outside these guidelines are at the discretion of the relevant region manager. 

Status of competitions

Thursday, June 18 at 4.30pm

Twelve local leagues across the state have announced their intentions to return to play, with some competitions to resume as early as July 18.

Toowoomba Junior Rugby League was first to commit on Monday, releasing they’ll bounce back from the COVID-19 hiatus on July 25, with a number of other leagues also returning, including Sunshine Coast juniors, Rugby League Brisbane and Rugby League Gold Coast.

Further good news is expected for other local leagues across the state in the coming weeks as Queensland edges closer to Stage 3 of the Recovery Roadmap.

Click here to view the status of all local league competitions in Queensland.

Handbook updated

Thursday, June 4 at 1.30pm

Following today’s approval of the Sport Industry COVID Safe Plan, the QRL have updated their Return the Play Handbook

The Plan was presented to the state’s chief health officer and was a collaborative effort by 13 Field Sports in Queensland, led by Hockey Queensland CEO Alison Lyons.     

The approval is positive news for community clubs, noting there has been an increased allowance in the number of participants permitted at venues during Stage 2 of the Return to Play Roadmap. 

Full details are included in the attached MEMO; and the updated version four of the QRL Return to Play Handbook can be accessed here

Live Q&A on returning to play

Wednesday, June 3 at 9.30am

QRL regional general manager Glenn Ottaway, following last month’s successful Q&A chat on QRL platforms, will host another live session this week.

Tomorrow, June 4, from 6pm until 7pm, Ottaway will be joined by Gallagher Queensland sport team leader Terry Berryman to answer any questions on returning to play community rugby league, following the recent release of the QRL guidelines and handbook.

To watch and interact, like Queensland Rugby League on Facebook.

Stage 2 brought forward and what that means

Monday, June 1 at 1pm 

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk yesterday announced Stage 2 restrictions had been brought forward from June 12 to today. 

This means as at midday today small groups of 20 participants per venue at one time can begin training under the following conditions:

  • Conduct training under the principle of ' get in, train, get out' 
  • As per the QRL Return to Play Handbook,  these sessions are:
    • Skill training using equipment including kicking, passing, catching, no tackling/wrestling
    • Small groups only (no more than 20 athletes and staff combined)
    • Only at club facilities or other club approved venues
  • Each club executive has signed off their individual club plan that supports compliance with the QRL Return to Play Handbook
  • Has communicated with all club members advising them of the club’s return to play protocols and the expectations of them attending the venue prior to the resumption of activity
  • Training will only be available to participants who do not have cold or flu symptoms. Importantly, as participants may be asymptomatic, they should not be training if anyone they live with has these symptoms
  • Practices of personal hygiene and transmission are followed and;
  • Practices of physical distancing are followed

The QRL is part of the QSport Field Team Sports Group that has submitted a sport and recreation industry COVID Safe Plan to the Queensland chief health officer’s office for consideration and sign off, which is expected to be responded to by June 4. 

If approved this could see numbers increased to allow more participants to train at each venue and will require the QRL Return to Play Handbook to be updated; this update and any future updates will rescind the previous version of the document. 

It is understood these restrictions are an additional burden to volunteers and in some circumstances not currently achievable due to volunteer resources, but we encourage you to reach out to your local QRL staff member for assistance or clarification of the these guidelines prior to making a decision on 2020 participation. 

Board approves Return to Play protocols

Friday, May 29 at 12pm

The QRL Board has today approved the overall Guidelines for the return of community rugby league as well as a detailed Handbook  to support clubs operationally as part of the planned return.

The Handbook has been approved following extensive consultation across QRL regions and with the advice of the QRL chief medical officer. 

As with the previously released guidelines, the handbook is consistent with the Queensland Government’s Return to Play Guidelines. 

In giving approval, the QRL Board acknowledged the response to the COVID-19 pandemic evolves almost daily and that the QRL will amend both documents as required in accordance with the most up to date advice from government and the health authorities. 

Frequently asked questions: Community rugby league

Wednesday, May 27 at 12.15pm

Queensland Rugby League regional general manager Glenn Ottaway, with the return of community rugby league imminent, answers some questions about returning to play.

Queensland Government COVID Safe Restart Plan

Monday, May 25 at 10.30am

It is important as the current Queensland Government’s restrictions are being relaxed, we build on the progress we have made - listen to the health advice, maintain a safe distance from others and keep up good hygiene.

The Queensland Government has committed $51.3 million through its Sport and Recreation COVID Safe Restart Plan to help everyone get ready to re-start community sport and recreation to coincide with Stage 2 of the Queensland Roadmap.

Below are the range of options available to assist clubs and organisations to get going again:

  • $14 million COVID Safe Active Clubs Kickstart – funding to purchase hygiene supplies, products, training or equipment to allow clubs to return to play, this funding can also be used for operational needs such as utilities and bills. This will see up to 7000 clubs receiving grants of up to $2000
  • $10.8 million Active Industry Fund – funding for 77 state level sporting organisations and industry peak bodies through existing arrangements
  • $15.5 million Active Restart Infrastructure Recovery Fund - grants for minor works and support up to 3000 clubs to purchase revenue generating equipment to help them return to play
  • $11 million FairPlay vouchers - vouchers of up to $150 for around 73,000 young Queenslanders to participate in physical activity opportunities and support families experiencing hardship due to COVID-19

The application guidelines will be released online via For more information, email

QRL prepares protocols in consultation with leagues

Thursday, May 21 at 3.45pm

QRL regions will next week lead a process with key stakeholders to assess and provide feedback on the proposed ‘Return to Play’ protocols.

This will include consultation with all leagues as well as sample clubs and associations from throughout the state.

QRL regional general manager Glenn Ottaway said the review process would be a critical step forward in the ongoing quest to reboot community rugby league in 2020.  

“The importance of this process is to ensure our volunteers are aware of the requirements and can hold some initial discussions with their members on any risks associated with the return of rugby league,” Ottaway said.

“This will in turn give us an indication on the number of leagues who believe they have the capacity to facilitate a practical and safe return to training and competition for their members.”

The overall Guidelines can be accessed here and a detailed handbook for clubs, leagues and associations will be submitted for approval by the QRL Board on Friday, May 29, prior to public release.

These resources have been developed with the health and wellbeing of participants and the general safety of the community as a priority. 

It is also acknowledged that achieving a return to play will require an increased commitment from volunteers, participants and any individuals attending venues.

Ross Livermore Memorial Lecture postponed

Thursday, May 21 at 8am

The annual Ross Livermore Memorial Lecture has had to be postponed, because of restrictions imposed by the State Government, in the fight against COVID-19.

The lecture was to have been delivered by former Test hooker, John Lang, on Saturday, May 23, to mark the 40th anniversary of his final season as a player, when he represented Australia, New South Wales and Queensland, from Easts (the Roosters) in Sydney. He also played for Easts in the Sydney grand final - against Canterbury-Bankstown.

Queensland Rugby League History Committee chairman Steve Ricketts said it was hoped the lecture would still be held later in the year.

The inaugural lecture was delivered by the late Professor Max Howell, AO, in 2010. Former Queensland coach and player Michael Hagan delivered last year's address.

Competition questions answered

Monday, May 18 at 4pm

The impact of COVID-19 is far and wide, creating lots of questions about rugby league, in particular the Intrust Super Cup, and its future. Here are some recently asked questions, answered.

Further clarification on community rugby league return

Wednesday, May 13 at 3.30pm

How and when community sport returns is a major talking point as the country wades through the COVID-19 health pandemic.

For people who love their footy in Queensland, the focus is very much on when community rugby league teams can return to training and possibly competition in 2020.

Here at the QRL, we understand the league community has many questions during such a period of uncertainty, which is why regional manager Glenn Ottaway took the time to engage with members across the state on Monday night.

His online chat on QRL platforms was viewed by more than 11,000 unique viewers, with the high level of engagement during the broadcast indicating a large cross section of community rugby league was represented.

On the line: Glenn Ottaway

In addition to the chat, the QRL Regions have distributed surveys to clubs, leagues and players.

This information is being collated to give us a better understanding of the needs and current thinking of our stakeholders.

Ottaway praised volunteers for their efforts so far.

“It has taken a significant commitment from clubs / leagues already to remain patient and to keep members engaged,” Ottaway said.

“There is no doubt that any possible return to play in 2020 will require further commitment from volunteers to ensure guidelines are satisfied.” 

Here is a summary of the key points from the online Q&A:

  • QRL are required to prepare guidelines specific to rugby league for submission to the state’s CHO for approval. We will consult via the South East, Central and Northern regions before these guidelines are submitted for approval
  • The key guiding document for the QRL and all sport is the Road Map
  • Activity in Stage 1 is recreational only and does not include organised community sport.  Return to training for community sport is not included until Stage 2 (June 12). This return is dependent on the above guidelines for rugby league being approved. Any club directed activity at this stage is not covered by insurance and would be in breach of the Government restrictions.
  • We are currently working with Government on seeking greater clarity around some of the restrictions/conditions listed in the Road Map. Included in this are the ongoing requirement for physical distancing, the restrictions on total numbers able to attend venues and the possibility of a staged return in areas where there has been limited or no reported cases of the virus

QRL outlines initial steps to support community football return

Thursday, May 7 at 1pm

Queensland Rugby League Region managers and chairs met yesterday to discuss plans for a possible resumption of community sport in Queensland. 

This was following the recent release of the AIS Framework for Rebooting Sport. 

It has been confirmed through State Government that this Framework has been endorsed as the road map for a return to community sport in Queensland. 

The QRL will continue to work with State Government and the QRL chief medical officer on developing guidelines specific to rugby league that will need to be endorsed by the state’s chief medical officer.

These guidelines and any forthcoming endorsement will allow us to forecast possible return dates, competition structures and the associated costs such as insurance.

The three levels for rebooting sport as detailed in the Framework provide a general guide for the gradual return to full training and competition.  

Progression through the levels will require government approval, including the easing of current restrictions around home confinement, movement and social gathering.

As has been the case in all previous decision making, the health and wellbeing of participants and the general safety of the wider community will remain the priority.

Further details can be accessed here.

Further to this, QRL regional general manager Glenn Ottaway will also be available online via a live chat room next week with the day and time to be advised.

Community rugby league still suspended until June 1

Friday, May 1, at 1pm

It is an exciting prospect that the NRL may soon return to our screens. However, community rugby league in Queensland is still suspended up to June 1 as per our previous memo.

The conditions the NRL has agreed to with the various levels of government are under strict protocols which are outside the operational and financial capacity for community rugby league to administer. A possible return to community rugby league is still contingent on a review of the current Queensland Health directive, which remains in place until May 19.  

It is important to acknowledge the support you as clubs and leagues have provided in complying with the current restrictions is why the infection rate is declining.  To further complement these actions, the Queensland Government has advised that we remain focused on adhering to the current social distance and hygiene advice. This increases our chances of current restrictions being further relaxed and community sport returning in 2020.  

The QRL also supports the recent government recommendations that all Queenslanders should download the COVID Safe App to stop the spread of COVID-19 as well ensuring everybody gets the flu shot as soon as possible, which the Premier outlines in this media release.  

We will advise further of any further updates as soon as these come to hand.

2020 State of Origin Series postponed

Wednesday, April 29, 7.15pm

Following the rescheduling of the NRL season, the NRL has today announced the 2020 State of Origin series has been postponed.

We understand these changes to the schedule will impact many, but hope the community will understand the public health and safety issues caused by the coronavirus must take priority at this time. The NRL’s primary concern is to protect the health and safety of their players and fans.

If you are a Maroon Member, please visit for further information.

Community rugby league stance stands

Wednesday, April 22 at 5.15pm

The proposed re-start date that has been presented by the NSWRL is contingent on a review and subsequent relaxation of current health orders across New South Wales that are restricting community activity. 

There is no guarantee of rugby league or any community sport resuming until such time as the government relaxes these orders. At present, they are very similar to the orders that are restricting activity and interaction in Queensland.

The current Queensland Health Order in place for Queensland is current up to and including May 19. This order specifically limits movement/travel, social gatherings and enforces home confinement for non-essential activity. 

As such the most recent advice from the QRL - that all community rugby league activity is suspended until June 1, 2020 - remains current

As per this advice, we are continually reviewing the latest health advice and Government restrictions specifically relating to Queensland, and will provide further advice in consultation with our regions and QRL Board as required. 

We appreciate everyone’s patience through this time. Understandably we are all very keen to have rugby league back in communities as soon as possible.

We will continue to update all stakeholders as new advice comes to hand and our staff will continue working on contingencies for rugby league competitions in 2020 based on restrictions in place and most importantly local needs.

Community rugby league - government stimulus packages 

Friday, April 3 at 12.10pm

At present local councils are in the process of refining their stimulus packages, which will vary from council to council. However, based on what the councils have released to date, most are offering relief in the payment of rates and the recoupment of outstanding debts to council. 

Clubs should contact their local council sport and recreation officer, who will be able to assist them with the council’s individual stimulus programs as these become available. Further, if a club has a patron at any level of government, contact should also be made with this representative to potentially gain access to any discretionary funding available.

Here is a document summarising what is available to open clubs within the Moreton Bay Regional Council area. Please review and ensure your club applies for the most relevant package, so your club gains the maximum benefit the Moreton Bay Regional Council if offering.

QRL boss praises volunteers as door remains open for community league return

Wednesday, April 1 at 11am

Queensland Rugby League said today it remained committed to the re-commencement of community rugby league matches and training this year.

However, QRL managing director Robert Moore stressed this would only be possible if the return of football was deemed safe for all participants, volunteers and their families in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

As it currently stands, the QRL has now extended the suspension of all community rugby league activity until June 1, 2020.

Statewide competitions cancelled

Friday, March 27 at 3.30pm

Queensland Rugby League has today confirmed the cancellation of its four statewide competitions in 2020 due to the ongoing public health emergency.

The unprecedented decision to bring a premature close the Intrust Super Cup, BHP Premiership, Hastings Deering Colts and Auswide Bank Mal Meninga Cup was made in the interests of the health and safety of players and staff.

New South Wales Rugby League has cancelled its nine competitions and the national representative programs have also been cancelled.

Community rugby league - available stimulus packages

Friday, March 27 at 8.30am

As the COVID-19 crisis impacts on the overall national economy, all levels of government will continue to consider and release stimulus packages to support national, state and local interests. 

The QRL will continue to monitor all information relevant to our affiliates and distribute accordingly. 

Similarly, QRL staff will be available to support clubs, leagues and associations in assessing individual eligibility and completing necessary application forms. 

Here is a summary of the current packages that may be applicable to QRL affiliates.  

Community rugby league training and insurance

Tuesday, March 24 at 3.30pm

As state and federal governments continue to increase restrictions on social distancing and group gatherings as a strategy for reducing the spread of COVID-19, it is critical all QRL affiliates continue to adhere to advice provided. 

The QRL understand this is an extremely difficult time for our communities and we appreciate the tireless efforts of our volunteers in supporting the rugby league family and wider community across the state. 

Here is an update on training and competition suspensions  and club, league and association insurance.

Should you have any questions please make initial contact with the relevant QRL staff member in your area.

Representative programs and carnivals

Tuesday, March 24 at noon

QRL has today confirmed the cancellation of all major QRL representative programs and carnivals for the 2020 season.

At the forefront of this decision is the health and wellbeing of the rugby league community, in particular our athletes, coaches, team personnel, officials, volunteers and staff.

As all programs require a considerable amount of travel, close contact and are supported by large audiences, the potential impact on our people was deemed too great for events to proceed as scheduled.

The full list of cancelled events is as follows:

  • State Junior Carnival
  • Central Crows Junior Carnival
  • Hill Stumer Carnival
  • NQ Junior Championships
  • 47th Battalion Carnival/s (including Under 18s and Under 20s)
  • All Outback programs (including Cultural Exchange and Outback v NQ United)
  • Senior A Grade Championships
  • Under 18 SEQ v PNG Exchange
  • SEQ Under 16 Boys Representative Series
  • Chairman’s Challenge (Under 20  and A Grade Men’s)
  • Under 20 Men’s SEQ v Outback Exchange
  • Under 18 Boys Rugby League Brisbane v Outback Exchange

While the QRL understands the frustrations of participants who have been preparing and planning for these events, the game felt it was in the best interests of all stakeholders to provide as much notice as possible to assist suppliers, event partners and attendees.

In light of this announcement, the QRL will contact all relevant suppliers and partners to these events in due course to make suitable arrangements / cancellations.

With the current suspension on all community rugby league activity across Queensland, the QRL will continue to support leagues and clubs through this unprecedented period.

Consultation with relevant stakeholders on other participation events that are supported by the QRL, like the QMC and QPICC, will be ongoing with the relevant hosts. 

New information regarding the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is received daily and the QRL is committed to supporting all communities throughout the state in slowing the spread of the virus.   

Advice for community rugby league clubs and leagues

As confirmed cases of COVID-19 continue to rise across Queensland, it is important for clubs follow the directions given by health authorities in relation to minimising the spread of the virus and also the QRL with respect to current participation suspensions. 

It is possible that your club or league will at some stage will be confronted with a confirmed case of COVID-19 within the participation base. 

As such the QRL have developed a a resource that can be adapted by clubs or leagues as part of a communication plan for members. 

As per previous advice, all confirmed cases should also be reported to the QRL via 

2020 State of Origin Maroon Member update

Thursday, March 19 at 3.45pm

At this stage no 2020 State of Origin events have been impacted and will continue as planned.

In the event a 2020 State of Origin event were to be cancelled, all ticket holders or corporate hospitality purchasers would be contacted as a priority to discuss next steps.

QRL COVID-19 preparedness and response

Wednesday, March 18 at 2.30pm

The QRL is following a pandemic control plan and continues to adapt responses and protocols as the spread of COVID-19 continues. The QRL is monitoring the situation on a daily basis and following the advice of the Australian Government health authorities and travel directives; and implementing risk mitigation strategies as appropriate. 

Initiation of working from home protocols

Wednesday, March 18 at 2.30pm

This week, the QRL Leadership Team decided that in the interests of employees and the community, that we would direct our valued employees to work from home, indefinitely, from Thursday, March 19. We recently confirmed that our IT infrastructure, tools and systems are sufficiently robust to support the entire organisation working from home. Our offices will be closed from Friday, March 20.  Our online shop - - remains open.

These are highly unusual times and as a business community and as Australians, it is important that we come together to support each other. Be assured that all of us at QRL are committed to supporting our community. 

QRL managing director Rob Moore takes questions from media

Wednesday, March 18 at 2.15pm

COVID19 update from QRL managing director Rob Moore

2020 QRL competitions update relating to COVID-19

Tuesday, March 17 at 6.10pm

The Queensland Rugby League can provide an update on the status of its statewide competitions, community football and representative programs following tonight’s board meeting.

After careful consideration in relation to the unfolding COVID-19 situation, the QRL has suspended its statewide competitions and community leagues, effective immediately.

In addition, all junior regional events and state carnivals will be postponed indefinitely.

QRL managing director Robert Moore said the four QRL statewide competitions would be suspended until June 5, and all junior and senior community rugby league until at least the first weekend of May.

While some community competitions are yet to kick-off, the four statewide leagues commenced at the weekend with 25 games played across the Intrust Super Cup, BHP Premiership, Hastings Deering Colts and Auswide Bank Mal Meninga Cup.

Should circumstances allow, the QRL will work with its clubs to facilitate the return of these four competitions mid-year.

Such a scenario would provide the opportunity for all Intrust Super Cup clubs to play each other once before the scheduled 2020 finals series, in addition to the results from Round 1 fixtures which would stand.

Similar fixture models, in line with the proposed date for the return of premiership games, are currently being looked at for the BHP Premiership, Hastings Deering Colts and Auswide Bank Mal Meninga Cup.

Moore said the board had considered all aspects of the current situation in consultation with its operations teams and clubs. 

“This public health emergency we’re working through is unprecedented; and the health and safety of our participants is a priority, along with the welfare of Queensland communities,” Moore said.

“The decision to put our statewide competitions, community leagues and representative programs on hold takes into account all the relevant information provided by the National Rugby League, public health authorities and the government.

“Ultimately, it is our responsibility to implement procedures that don’t place players, volunteers, staff and other stakeholders at unnecessary risk.”

Approval for clubs to hold training sessions during this period is an ongoing matter, as the QRL is seeking further advice from its chief medical officer, Dr Roy Saunders, as well as Queensland health authorities.

Statewide competitions clubs briefed

Monday, March 16 at 2pm

All statewide competitions clubs have been briefed by the QRL on the most up-to-date information available.

The QRL Board will convene on Tuesday evening to discuss all rugby league across the state under the QRL's administration.

Any decisions made during the meeting will be released Wednesday morning. 

PNG Hunters remain in Australia 

Monday, March 16 at 12.30pm

The Papua New Guinea Hunters have remained in Queensland in preparation for the scheduled second round of Intrust Super Cup fixtures this weekend.

PNG opened their season with a thrilling victory over the Souths Logan Magpies yesterday at Davies Park in Brisbane.

Due to the unfolding COVID-19 situation and the impact of border restrictions, the QRL and Hunters administrators have been in regular contact about their immediate participation.

In light of these discussions, the Hunters squad has not returned to Papua New Guinea. 

The QRL said today it would continue to be guided by the NRL and other relevant health authorities, with the QRL Board to meet this week to review all aspects of the current situation.