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Financial Controller - Position Description

Position Title: Financial Controller

Department: Finance & Administration

Reports To: Chief Financial Officer

Direct Reports

  • Financial Analyst
  • Finance Manager (Melbourne Storm)
  • Finance Manager (Sunshine Coast Lightning)
  • Financial Accountant
  • Legal Counsel
  • IT Service Provider (outsourced)

Position Type: Full-time

Location: Melbourne

Date: August 2019

Introduction to Melbourne Storm

Melbourne Storm is an Australian professional rugby league club playing in the National Rugby League (NRL) competition. It is the only NRL team based in Victoria.

Our Vision is “to be the best and most respected professional sports organisation in Australia” and we are proud to employ people who share the Club’s vision for performance excellence, both on and off the field. 

Our Club Values –Accountability, Hard Work, Respect, Family, and Passion - underpin all that we do, and how we do it.

We aim to create a working environment that provides challenges and rewards that bring out the best in people and fosters the “purple pride” within, as we achieve our Club Purpose – “to experience the thrill of competing and winning together.”

Position Purpose

The Financial Controller is responsible for managing the Finance and Information Communication & Technology (ICT) functions for all the companies in the Melbourne Storm group.  The ability to provide overall management and strong, collaborative leadership across the Finance team – Business analyst, Finance Managers and Accountant, Legal Counsel and outsourced IT - is crucial.  The role will need to work collaboratively and effectively with various stakeholders, both internal and external.

The Financial Controller is also responsible for administering the salary cap and ensuring the club properly accounts for, and complies with, the NRL Playing Contract and Remuneration Rules.

Key Responsibilities

Financial management

·        Responsible for the overall management of financial management functions, in accordance with relevant laws, including:

o    Accounting – integrity of the general ledger and compliance with Australian accounting standards

o    Taxation – GST, BAS returns, FBT, state payroll taxes, income tax

o    External audit and statutory reporting

o    Internal controls and policies and procedures – drive improvements  to aid efficiencies, minimise risk exposure, aid fiscal control and ensure legal compliance

o    Payroll – staff and players, including compliance with relevant awards/Fair Work Act, Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) tax, superannuation and Workers’ Compensation/Workcover requirements

o    Treasury – banking, cash management, debt facilities

·        Responsible for the timely completion of accurate and insightful financial reports for various stakeholders, in accordance with agreed deadlines including:

o    Monthly management and Board reporting

o    Regular dashboard/performance reports that focus on the company’s key targets/KPIs

o    Home games analysis

o    Monthly financial reports, game day reports and bi-annual benchmarking reports to the National Rugby League (NRL)

o    Quarterly reporting to the club’s bank as required under its facility agreement

o    Other ad hoc reports as required

·        Responsible for the completion of the annual statutory financial statements for each company in the Melbourne Storm group in accordance with Australian Securites and Investments Commission (ASIC) requirements.

Financial Planning & Analysis

·        Manage the completion of the club’s annual budget and provide regular risk assessments and re-forecasts during each season.

·        Manage the completion of financial data for the club’s business plan.

·        Review, analyse and discuss with department managers their actual results against budget and work with them to develop appropriate action plans to address any variations, or apply positive outcomes to other areas.

·        Provide analysis for key strategic initiatives that improve the Club’s financial position, operational effectiveness and/or overall membership experience.

·        Coordinate major procurement tenders/processes to ensure optimal financial and service outcomes.

Salary Cap

(a)     Compliance

·        Develop in-depth knowledge of NRL Playing Contract & Remuneration rules (salary cap rules) with respect to the NRL competition.

·        Support the CEO/COO to ensure salary cap compliance for the Club.

·        Coordinate the preparation of all documentation to meet the requirements of the NRL’s bi-annual salary cap audit processes.

·        Assist with the provision of accurate and timely scenario planning information to support the Salary Cap Compliance Committee & List Management Committee in recruitment, contract variation, retention and exit decisions.

·        Oversee the preparation of all player administration documents, including letters of offer, contracts, variations, and deeds of release.  Ensure all documents are approved in accordance with the club’s salary cap policy, and all NRL submission deadlines are met.

·        Ensure sufficient controls and checks are in place to provide evidence to the NRL Salary Cap Auditor.

·        Identify salary cap potential exposures and risks over both short and longer terms and provide recommendations to mitigate.

(b)     Accounting and Reconciliation

·        Oversee the accounting and reconciliation for all salary cap activities including:

o    Salary packaging schedules for player contracts to enable processing by payroll.

o    Player payment reconciliations to ensure compliance player contract and salary cap rules.

o    Player salary deductions and contract entitlements such as flights, FBT, travel allowances, education allowances and match payments

o    Player Deduction Authority forms for all payments to be made to the RLPA and/or player-agents.

(c)     Analysis and Continuous Process Improvement

·        Build strong working relationships with key internal stakeholders including CEO, Coach, Football Director, Recruiting Manager and Welfare staff.

·        Foster a robust relationship with the Salary Cap auditors at the NRL.

·        Continuously interrogate the NRL Playing Contract & Remuneration rules and challenge the Salary Cap auditors in order to maximise the opportunities that exist within the rules.

·        Continuously source and analyse relevant industry benchmarking data in order to develop models aimed at achieving a salary cap competitive advantage.

·        Streamline salary cap operations to improve the efficiency, security and potential for user-error.  This may include the development of a robust database solution.

·        Educate relevant stakeholders on the salary cap rules so that they understand their contribution to mitigating the risk of a salary cap breach.

Information & Communications Technology (ICT)

·        Oversee the strategic direction of ICT systems including  the planning and implementation of new office technology.

·        Manage the IT Service Provider to ensure an efficient, secure and compliant ICT operating environment, including software licensing.

·        Ensure the IT Service Provider has implemented appropriate disaster recovery and business continuity measures and has documented all IT systems, policies and procedures; which are regularly reviewed, tested and updated as necessary.

·        Provide guidance to the Financial Accountant to be the club’s liaision with the IT Service Provider for day-to-day/help-desk issues.

·        Provide guidance to the Financial Accountant to manage the contract plans for the club’s mobile devices (mobiles, ipads, data plans/dongles) and ensure the most cost efficient plans are being entered into, and are in accordance with the club’s mobile devices policy.


·        Lead, drive and support Finance team to deliver on KPIs and objectives as outlined

·        Drive the execution of strategic and operational accountabilities of the Finance team, including monitoring their day to day operations.

·        Provide effective leadership, guidance and support to all direct reports through the delivery of effective coaching and quality conversations to grow and empower them.

·        Embed a high performance culture across the financial arm of the Club, including ensuring a commitment to and demonstration of agreed values and behaviours.

·        Deliver strong, clear and honest communication and role model cooperation and team work with other individuals and departments across the Club.

·        Represent the Club, as required, in the upmost professional manner in all dealings.

Key Relationships


·        Management and staff in all business areas – Finance & Operations, Commercial, Football

·        Player list management committee

·        Salary cap compliance committee

·        Players


·        Auditors

·        Taxation advisors

·        Taxation authorities

·        ICT service providers

·        Bankers

·        Sponsors & corporate partners

·        Service providers & suppliers

·        National Rugby League (NRL)

·        Player agents

Key Skills & Attributes

·        Exceptional degree of professional ethics, confidentiality and integrity

·        Strongly developed technical accounting and taxation skills and experience

·        Strategic thinker with strong financial analysis skills

·        Excellent written communication skills

·        Strong accuracy and attention to detail

·        Strong problem solving and issues resolution skills

·        Excellent relationship building and influencing skills

·        Abilty to negotiate

·        Excellent organisation and time management skills

·        Intermediate Microsoft Word and advance Excel skills

·        Ability to work in a fast paced environment while juggling multiple priorities

·        Ability to work across the organisation with a customer focused approach

·        Strong desire to drive change and make continuous improvement

·        Flexible, adaptable and proactive approach

·        High level of initiative and ambition

·        Committed to achieving deadlines

·        Excellent leadership skills with people at all levels in the organisation

·        Experience in strategic planning and execution

·        Ability to create, manage and execute budgets

·        Ability to inspire others to work towards achievement to team KPIs and Club Vision and Purpose

Club Values

All employees are responsible for behaving in accordance with, and proudly promoting Melbourne Storm’s Club values – Family, Respect, Accountability, Hard Work and Passion.

·        Accountability: Know your role - do your role. Take ownership to get the job done together

·        Hard Work: Demonstrate focus, courage, determination and resilience to achieve each and every time

·        Family: We are a family club, built on care, support, inclusion and unity

·        Respect: We are all in this together.  Treat everyone as an equal, be humble, be gracious and fair.

·        Passion: Get the most out of your time – bring the right energy and emotion, embrace the “purple pride”.

Financial Delegation

Please refer to the current approved Purchasing Policy delegated authority limits as published on Melbourne Storm’s intranet.

Qualifications, Experience and Licences Required

·        Bachelor degree in Commerce, Economics, Business or Accounting

·        CA or CPA qualified

·        Minimum of 10 years’ experience in public practice and/or commerce

·        Exceptional leadership, interpersonal and relationship management experience, with a desire to drive a high performing financial department.

Please note that all Melbourne Storm staff will need to meet NRL accreditation/registration requirements, which includes National Police Record clearance, before they are appointed to their role.

Health and Safety

All employees are responsible for:

·        Compliance with the company policy, safety systems and applicable health and safety legislation and regulations.

·        Reporting any and all conditions or unsafe practices that may affect the health of employees or others to management promptly.

·        Recommending improvements to health and safety practices.

·        Adopting safe work practices that comply with health and safety requirements and must not wilfully place at risk the health and safety of any other person in the workplace.

·        Assisting in timely completion of any corrective action items and reporting / investigation procedures.

·        Participating in relevant health and safety induction, training and other relevant activities.

·        Use and maintain all safety equipment provided.

Managers are also responsible for:

·        Ensuring all appropriate actions are taken to implement health and safety policies and procedures and legislative requirements.

·        Accepting operational responsibility for health and safety performance within the work areas under their control.

·        Effectively communicating health and safety policies, procedures and workplace issues with senior management and employees.

·        Supporting the Health and Safety Officer and First Aid Officer in fulfilling their responsibilities.